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The Eli Diaries Volume 1: The Battle Begins. What if Jesus were in high school today? Who would he hang out with? What would he say? What would he do? In Book one of this novella series, the stage is set and introductions are made by none other than Satan he tries to destroy Eli's mission before it ever begins.

Literature was his one true faith, the lens through which he surveyed every aspect of the human condition. His personal mission: To create literature about the people whose stories had been left off the shelf.
“If we continue to make black children nonpersons by excluding them from books and by degrading the black experience, and if we continue to neglect white children by not exposing them to any aspect of other racial and ethnic experiences in a meaningful way, we will have a next racial crisis,” he predicted in the pages of The Times in 1986.

Others like Iliana Vidal see it differently. "I don't agree with the sign. People are being way too hateful," she said.

Mr. Myers - Dream - Keep Me GoingMr. Myers - Dream - Keep Me GoingMr. Myers - Dream - Keep Me GoingMr. Myers - Dream - Keep Me Going